Our Services

Creative Production

Plus Alpha offers full service creative production for social media. We create original and unique content designed to be aspirational, to encourage followers to feel drawn towards the destination, hotel or brand. Our team includes several photographers and videographers (including drone video) with international expertise in creating content specifically for Instagram. Our main expertise is in the travel industry, led by CEO Robert Michael Poole who has shot in 122 countries worldwide.

Instagram / Social Media Management

Instagram is only effective if used on a regular, daily, basis, designed as it is to promote engagement via constant interactions. Plus Alpha is an expert of the platform, having grown accounts for luxury resorts, international airlines and National Tourism Boards around the world. We work on each client account every day, posting at the optimum time, researching follower demographics, and using hashtags and tags to ensure organic growth. We takeover accounts for periods of one month at a time, or on an ongoing basis.

Internet Services

Many Japanese businesses, including hotels, ryokan, travel companies, stores and shops are difficult to find for consumers outside of Japan. And they miss out on business because of this. Today the world is an online world, and being first on Google, or on international Travel sites such as TripAdvisor, is essential for success. Plus Alpha Tokyo offers a range of services in this area, including:

  • Web site consultation, creation and translation services
  • Creation of Wikipedia pages in multiple languages
  • Assistance in improving SEO to boost company websites within Google
  • Consultation on which travel websites, such as Agoda, TripAdvisor, Booking.com etc are best for results, and how to improve rankings and direct bookings within these websites.
Communication, Translation & Localisation

The biggest challenge facing businesses in the travel and tourism sector in Japan today is effective communication. Translation is not enough. Communicating expertly in the target language is key.

Our team includes experts with senior editor-level experience, whose work has appeared in Time, Newsweek, Billboard, Variety, CNN Travel, The Hollywood Reporter, and most major airlines magazines.

Creating effective ad copy is essential to raise brand awareness. Communication & Translation Services are available for:


  • Guides
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Emails
  • Ad Copy
Brand Strategies

The success of any business depends on its brand recognition. A company with great services, but a brand that people don’t recognise or understand, may miss out on potential business. Plus Alpha Tokyo understands this.

Communicating the right brand message comes from the core of the company, from its name, its logo, the colors and fonts it uses on its official materials, the pictures and photography it uses on its internal and external media, right through to the way it communicates directly with its customers.

Creating an effective brand strategy is at the heart of all the techniques and services Plus Alpha Tokyo has to offer.

Marketing Strategies

With the Tokyo Olympics coming up, and all the eyes of the world looking at Japan, international clients will look for ways to connect with businesses in Japan.

Plus Alpha Tokyo has already created unique marketing opportunities that have proven extremely effective, including bringing together an international luxury hotel chain and Japanese ryokan chain for an ongoing series that gives customers access to each others services.

We have also created campaigns that bring together international media, the art world, and the travel industry, to increase awareness and drive new business to all partners via the marketing campaign. With our international team, we have a unique ability to discover and create B2B opportunities that work for Japanese and international clients alike.